Terms and Conditions

In accordance with the Federal and State privacy laws, before you upload any of this patient’s eye health records onto Eyesnap, you must obtain the patient’s consent to do so, including advising them (orally or in writing):

That the patient’s eye health records:

1. Will be collected, stored, accessed, used and disclosed by Eyesnap for the purposes of providing the Platform, a computerised system designed to facilitate access to eye health medical records by responsible eye care professionals and to streamline the transfer of patient information during the patient referral process and to otherwise facilitate clinical care.
2. may be transferred interstate within Australia but will not be transferred overseas
3. may be de-identified and used for other purposes

While in the first instance the patient should contact you or your practice to make a request for access to, or correction of, their eye health records stored on the Platform, the patient may contact Eyesnap for those purposes by email addressed to [email protected] and if the patient does not permit you to upload their eye health records onto Eyesnap, you must advise them of the consequences of their refusal (i.e. where the patient is being referred to another eye care provider, a possible delay in response or receiving treatment from that other eye care provider due to reliance on hard copy patient referral processes).