Anterior Segment management in the palm of your hands!


Easy Capture

Take photos and connect patient file using the EyeSnap mobile app.

Secure Upload

All your photos are auto-synced with your EyeSnap cloud account.

Client Dashboard

A central hub for managing patient data and staff reporting.


What Makes EyeSnap Special?

The EyeSnap mobile application features allows the modern optometrist to monitor and manage anterior segment diseases using the latest technology in geolocation tracking and secure cloud services.

Take Scans

Scan your patient’s eye with one click. No More Hassle!

Patient Sync

All your patients’ records synchronized instantly in one secure location.

Secured Upload

Instantly upload the images to a secured centralized location.

Get Notified

Get notified about updates in real time. No more missing out on important events and messages!

Screenshot Showcase

The EyeSnap Dashboard.

A One-Stop-Shop for Analytics, Reports & Records.
Managing the Usage of Your App has Never Been Easier!


The Dashboard allows you to keep track of all your important data. All uploads are secured and can be managed on one centralized platform without having the hassle of using multiple systems.


The Dashboard also gives you the ability to track your staff and even generate detailed records about the patients and optometrists using the system, giving you analytical usage data at the click of a button.

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24/7 Support

The problem with so many service providers is that you never get support when you really need it. At EyeSnap, our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Please contact us on 0430 232 581 to see how EyeSnap will work with your practice.
Never Obsolete

There is nothing more that we hate than a product not being adapted to match the ever-changing pace of technology. We constantly keep updating and improving EyeSnap, making it top-of-the-line no matter when.